Product Focus: LeVert

Convenient Decontamination

In the event of a chemical leak of a pipe, the surrounding equipment or tools are most likely to be contaminated and in some cases may pose a chemical injury hazard to personnel. Furthermore, the surface or material contaminated with the chemical can corrode rapidly.

To avoid chemical lesions and limit material degradation caused by corrosive chemicals, make use of the easy-to-use LeVert 5l Sprayer.

The Sprayer allows you to quickly decontaminate any surface, equipment or material contaminated by corrosive chemicals by spraying a fine mist of neutralizing LeVert on any surface such as walls, ceilings, machines, benches and even PPE. Contaminated material is now safe to use by personnel without the risk of indirect contamination caused by hazardous chemical residue.

Non-hazardous to humans and the environment, LeVert decontaminant can be used on a daily basis in a routine decontamination protocol.

Our range of absorbents is best used in conjunction with LeVert and LeVert HF to assist in decontaminating materials and surfaces soiled by corrosive chemicals to limit material degradation and avoid chemical lesions.

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