Prism Inter Africa

Prism Inter Africa CC (or Prismia for short) is the exclusive distributor of medical devices for chemical splashes to the eyes and skin, as well as a range of absorbents for chemical spills. Established in 1994 the company has grown rapidly as word has spread of the astonishing effectiveness of the products in massively reducing the damage done following accidental exposure of personnel to contaminants.

Their most well-known product, Diphoterine® Solution, will successfully decontaminate a chemical splash to the eyes and skin from any acid, base, chelating agent, reducing agent, oxidizing agent and solvent. Therefore, once the product is on site there is no concern as to what the victim in case of a chemical splash has been contaminated with as this one solution works to ensure no irreversible damage for thousands of chemicals. The only chemical that the Diphoterine® Solution has a limited efficacy on is hydrofluoric acid (HF), where you have HF, or its derivatives, you would need the installation of Hexafluorine® Solution.

Furthermore, Prismia supplies a wide range of absorbents. Trivorex® Neutralising Absorbents being the most versatile: it can be used on all chemical spills. Trivorex® Absorbent converts the spilled corrosive chemical into non-hazardous waste thereby eliminating the need for waste tracking, labeling or special transportation. For only acids or bases on site, Acicaptal® Absorbent and Basicaptal® Absorbent are available.

Polycaptor® has been specifically designed to leave floors dry and non-slippery following a spill of solvents, paints, oils, chemicals, flocculants or aqueous liquids.

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Global Presence

PREVOR: Toxicology Laboratory and Chemical Risk Management

Being the exclusive distributor of Prevor products, Prismia also has a global support network. The Prevor Toxicology Laboratory has been investigating chemistry, biology and human physiology for over 50 years to understand the essence of toxicology, human-chemical product interactions and the acute and chronic consequences. Through this process, Prevor has managed to file more than 25 000 chemical products and their chemical risks.