Product use Posters

Product use Posters

A picture says a thousand words – print these easy to follow instruction posters for your staff and hang them in your training rooms, induction rooms and next to the various products: Diphoterine® Solution, Hexafluorine® Solution, Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent, or our environmental products.

In cases of emergency these posters offer a quick grasp to following the correct protocol to ensure the best first-aid care for chemical splashes to the skin and eyes. In these cases, every second counts to ensure the full recovery of the injured person.

Simply click on the products you have on site and download the relevant instruction sheet.


Protocol Sheets

Diphoterine® Solution

For all Acids* / Bases / Chelating Agents/ Solvents / Oxidizing & Reducing Agents

DIPHOTERINE® Solution Protocol Poster

Hexafluorine® Solution

For *Hydrofluoric Acid & Derivatives

HEXAFLUORINE® Solution Protocol Poster

Diphoterine® Solution


Spray for Small to Medium Skin Area

DIPHOTERINE® Solution 100ml MICRO Dap Spray-200ml MINI Dap Spray Poster


Eyewash for use within 60 seconds

DIPHOTERINE® Solution 500ml eyewash Poster


Eyewash for use within 10 seconds

DIPHOTERINE® Solution Single Individual Eyewash Poster


Full body spray

DIPHOTERINE® Solution 5L Portable Shower DAP Poster


Wall-mounted station for skin and eyes

DIPHOTERINE® Solution wall mounted station Poster


Hexafluorine® Solutions


Eyewash to be used within 60 seconds  HEXAFLUORINE® Solution 500ml eyewash Poster


Full body spray

HEXAFLUORINE® Solution 5L Portable Shower DAP Poster


Wall-mounted station for eyes

HEXAFLUORINE® Solution Wall Mounted Station Poster


Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent


Trivorex® Shaker

TRIVOREX® absorbent shaker poster


Trivorex® Bucket

TRIVOREX® absorbent bucket poster


Trivorex® General

TRIVOREX®absorbent general poster