New Product: Polycaptor® Absorbent Signal Beacon

New signal beacon for quick and easy safety!

Spills can happen so quickly and often between the time someone recognizes the threat and fetching a cleaning solution, accidents happen.

With the new Polycaptor® Signalling Beacons accidents are now a thing of the past!

The beacons are easily stored close to the risk and can be placed around the spill in a matter of minutes, signalling to everyone to be cautious. Furthermore, the tubes contain the powerful absorbent Polycaptor®. It is a versatile absorbent that has been specifically designed to leave floors dry and non-slippery following a spill of solvents, paints, oils, chemicals, flocculants and aqueous liquids. The beacon has a set of gloves and the base can even be used as scrapers to scoop up the absorbent to dispose of the spill!

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Polycaptor Signalling Beacon

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