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Download our latest Diphoterine® Solution Brochure to find our more about how you can protect yourself and your employees from chemical splashes to the skin and eyes.

Chemical splashes can leave horrific irreversible damage to skin and eyes if not treated correctly within the first few seconds of contact. It is for this reason that more and more companies in South Africa and the world over are turning to Diphoterine® Solution as their go-to first-aid solution for chemical splashes. Not only does it stop the penetration almost immediately, but also relieves pain instantly. Furthermore, it causes the harmful chemical to flow outwards from the tissue by osmosis thus returning the body to its natural pH safe zone very quickly, preventing a chemical burn.

Companies globally have had huge success on effectively treating chemical splashes with Diphoterine®. Make your work environment safer today by contacting us for your free On-Site Chemical Risk Assessment!

Diphoterine Brochure

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