Diphoterine® and the Bloodhound Project

The BLOODHOUND SSC Project is driven by two major passions. Firstly to reach a land speed of 1000 mph and secondly to do it safely.

The success of this project relies heavily on the use of some hazardous chemicals and during their discussions with the Cranfield University in 2014, it was recommended that the Bloodhound team contact Diphex Limited, a company based in Kent, who specialise in chemical safety.

Diphex are the UK Distributors of Diphoterine® and Hexafluroine® – Emergency First Aid washing Solutions, for both skin and eyes, manufactured by the Prevor Laboratories in France.

Following an initial information meeting, the Bloodhound Team received Chemical Safety Training in January 2015 and took its first delivery of Diphoterine® Solution into their manufacturing base at Bristol during March of 2015.

Prevor has combined with Diphex and Prismia, its Distributors in the UK and in South Africa, to be able to offer international support during the manufacturing process and more importantly, during the trials in the UK and the record attempt in South Africa during 2017/18.



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