Brochures & MSDS

Product Brochures & Material Safety Data Sheets

For in depth information on the various products supplied by Prism Inter Africa, download our latest Brochures and MSDS documents.

Diphoterine Brochure

Diphoterine® Solution Brochure

Hexafluorine® Solution Brochure

Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent Brochure

Polycaptor® Absorbent Brochure

List of tested chemicals

Should you not be able to find a certain chemical, please email us the MSDS and we will have the laboratory determine the efficacy of Diphoterine® Solution or Hexafluorine® Solution on the product.

Diphoterine® & Hexafluorine® tested products


Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS Diphoterine® Solution

MSDS Hexafluorine® Solution

MSDS Afterwash II®

MSDS Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent

MSDS LeVert® Solution

MSDS LeVert HF® Solution